Hanukkah Menorah

Lovely pop art style modern Menorahs for Hanukkah from Tzuki Studio Art, Israel. 
A gift that declares “The sky is the limit!”

This lively colorful Menorah reflects Tzuki’s zest for life. The soothing essence of blue blends with the spiritual aspirations of his Menorah family. Mother and daughter work in unison and harmony. Responding to their devoted care, the tree grows a lush selection of leaves and flowers. The cats on the side purr in delight. The different shades of dots on the tree symbolise the rich variety of life. Happy Hanukkah!

Details: Each Menorah is laser-cut from quality steel and individually hand painted and lacquered. You will receive with the Menorah the required amount of glasses. It can be kindled using tea lights or floating wicks in olive oil. After Chanukah, pour hot water over the Menorah to remove wax residue.

How to Light the Hanukkah Menorah in 5 Steps

1. Arrange the lights on the menorah. Ensure that there is enough oil, or that the candles are big enough, for the lights to burn until half an hour after nightfall . On the first night, set one candle to the far right of the menorah. On the following night, add a second light to the left of the first one, and then add one light each night of Chanukah - moving from right to left.

2. Gather everyone in the house around the menorah.

3. Light the shamash candle. Then hold it in your right hand .

4. While standing, recite the appropriate blessings.

5. Light the candles. Each night, light the newest (left-most) candle first and continue lighting from left to right. (We add lights to the menorah from right to left, while we light from left to right.)

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