Hanukkah Menorah Family Menorah - Multicolor

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This cheerful vibrantly colored Menorah symbolizes the joyful spirit of Hanukkah with its family get-together. The hearts, stars and twigs enhance the festive atmosphere and unity of the family. The source of inspiration is the Mother who flies aloft, supported and respected by the father and all members of the family. The Heavenly wings are a reminder that family unity uplifts all its members.

Materials: metal
Height: 9.4 inches / 24 cm
Width: 16.9 inches / 43 cm
Depth: 3.3 inches / 8.5 cm
Weight: 1.66 kg

How it is made?
Formed from cold rolled steel, recycled metal, which has been laser cut, galvanized, spray and hand painted.

Each Menorah is laser-cut from quality steel and is individually hand painted and lacquered to ensure long-lasting durability. 
Note:  Each item is hand painted so some color shades may vary.

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