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This pretty vase displays a bunch of flowers that include the cloven-petalled campion. A butterfly hovers above. Every flower is hand-painted by a team of artists who lavish on every item love and individual attention.

The beautiful cloven petalled campion flower is found in the Golan and northern Negev areas of Israel. It earned its name from its split petals that look like cloven hooves.

Note: Each item is hand painted so some colour shades may vary.

The product is hand painted and there might be slight variations to the colouring that is shown in the main photograph. 

Materials: metal
Height: 13.2 inches (33 cm)

How it is made?
Formed from cold rolled steel, recycled metal, which has been laser cut, galvanised, spray and hand painted.

Tzuki's work is sold to galleries, museum shops and boutiques all over Israel and around the world.

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