Hanukkah Pomegranate Menorah - Multicolor

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A stunning never-to-be-forgotten gift. Enjoy this Menorah, bursting with life and vitality.
The green color theme highlights the juicy luscious looking pomegranates, the chirping birds and green foliage. They remind us that after the cold winter days of Chanukah comes Spring with its promise of birth and new life. The theme is reiterated in the jar of honey that the young girl presents to her boyfriend. It all takes place in Israel, home of the story of Hanukkah!

The menorah is made from laser cut steel which is then hand-painted and lacquered. Glasses are supplied with the Menorah and can be used on Chanukah with either candles or olive oil. After Chanukah, hot water will remove wax residue.

Material: Laser-cut steel
Height: 8.1 inches (20.5cm)
Width: 15.2 inches (38.5cm)
Depth: 3.3 inches (8.5cm)
Weight: 1.55 kg

Note: Each item is hand painted so some color shades may vary.
Tzuki's work is sold in galleries, museum shops and boutiques all over Israel and around the world.

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