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Bold and dynamic, this Tzuki Art sculpture will make a dramatic statement on any wall. It depicts a delightful family outing. All ages are thoroughly enjoying themselves. Even the adults are on the swings, playing ball and doing gymnastics. The middle-aged parents stand on the side relishing every moment of the delightful scene. Around are printed the blessings every family needs: luck, fertility, health, hope, love and livelihood. Below in bold letter is written the request, €œBless this family.A stunning gift that will fit equally well in a home or school or any public place.

The product is handpainted and there might be slight variations to the coloring that is shown in the main photograph. 

Materials: metal
Height: 21.7 in. (55 cm.)
Width: 13.8 in. (35 cm.)
Weight: 1.2 kg.

How it is made?
Formed from cold rolled steel, recycled metal, which has been laser cut, galvanised, spray and hand painted.

Tzuki's work is sold to galleries, museum shops and boutiques all over Israel and around the world.

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